Jack's GBD Pipes.

NOTE: Silver Bands are not repair bands.

GBD Original Series #1079u
The GBD Originals came out in the 60s and were made in Paris Fr.
All were rather small in size and came from older briar dating
to pre/during WWII. Not many were made and very few shapes.
Thanks John Tolle

GBD 9533 GBD 9552

GBD Medley

Canadian Prehistoric 254 5 1/2"

Canadian Colossus Prehistoic 9480 6 3/4" NOS

Conquest Rockroot #9654

GBD Sauvage 549 GBD Sauvage 2515

GBD Meerschaum Lined Pot 9437 GBD Meerschaum Lined Pot 9439

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