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I don't want to keep repeating my self on each pipe so let me just say here that is not a bad smoker in them!!!!    If I didn't like them I wouldn't have them here.
We have some GREAT carvers here in the US.

Steve Weiner Steve Weiner Pipe that I won as a door prize at NASPC's 1998 Show.    Steves pipes are precarboned but it had no noticable taste that I have had with some precarboned pipes.   This pipe was a great smoker from the 1st bowl.

Tim West 1 Tim West Pipe, I am not sure if this would be called a bent egg shape or what but the balance on this pipe is the best of any of my bents.
Tim West 2 A nice free standing free hand from Tim.

S&R 1 S&R 2
S&R Pipes and Pleasures
I became acquainted with Steve and Roswitha back in the 80's when I lived in the Columbus,Ohio area.   I have had these pipes since about 1986. I have a page up with pictures from their shop that I took in 1998.

Horace DeJarnett 1 Horace DeJarnett 2
Horace DeJarnett 3 These pipes are by Horace DeJarnett of Glendale Az.   Horace has been making pipes for quite a few years suppling pipe shops in the Phoenix area and is just coming online to the internet.   Horace uses a very simple but very effective precake of burnt brown sugar and honey.    All but one of these had the precake and the break in was very short.   The craftmanship is Great.

Von Erck 1 Von Erck 2
These 2 pipes are Lee Von Erch's, both pipes have a natural finish and darken nicely.   Lee has some very unique and individual shapes.

Boswell 1 Boswell 2
These 2 pipes are J M Boswell.

Curt 1 A new carver coming on the scene is Curt Seefeldt, for just a few pipes this guy is doing fantastic work. I am looking forward to some good pipes out of him.

Several have asked me about the music playing on this page "Rock Me Baby", a old Disco hit.    Well if you know the words to the song think about them with you and your pipe. :-)

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