JUNE 22nd 2001

The Hospitality night for Vendors and visitors was held at the Best Western Inn Suites on North Oracle Road. the event started at 6 PM and lasted until late.  Everyone had a good time meeting one another, exchanging information and ideas, and the guests were allowed to preview and purchase what the vendors would be selling the next day.

        Due to a sudden rainstorm we had to have our happy hour down in the Hotels little cafe.  The storm cooled off the day and made for a perfect evening , albeit humid.

Left to Right: Dean Laffey of Trendsetters, our area rep for CAO Savanilli and others, and Roger, OPPC member.

Two Marine Briar Buddies and a Pipe Carver.
Left to Right: Greg, Walt Cannoy (pipe carver), and Brad.

                                              Horace Dejarnett, and that is Bruce Warren in the Background

Left to Right: Jack Tompkins Editor/Webmaster and organizer of the show and Bruce Warren from Oklahoma.

Lee Von Erck, pipe carver from Minnesota with some of his creations

                          Left to Right :Regis' friend Vi, Regis MaCaffrey of NASPC, Walt Cannoy and Jack


Left to Right: Robert Vance of Temple City, CA; Jim Seamans, and Horace quaffing one down.

Ladies of the OPPC, Suzi Blanton (Life Member of the OPPC), Kym, her daughter, and Mary Ann, Jack's lovely wife.


                Suzi and Kym with a very nice freehand pipe made by Walt and grabbed up by Jack (no Suzi and Kym don't smoke pipes)

Walt Cannoy giving Brad a preview of his carvings.

Lowell Ellis discussing his Estate Pipe Collection with some other vendors.


Just one selection from Lowell Ellis' collection of estate pipes. He brought over 300 to the show.

Regis looking over another selection of Lowell's estate pipes.


                                 Regis doing pipe talk with Mike Glukler (BriarBlues) of Vancouver, BC.


        We certainly appreciate the vendors who came to sell and show their wares and the visitors who participated making this a great little pipe show.  It certainly shows that the brotherhood of the Briar extends beyond all regional and personal differences, united by a common appreciation and enjoyment of the art of Pipe Smoking.

            More to follow with the day of the Pipe show, June 23rd