This Gecko pipe was carved exclusively for our club by Walt Cannoy and was auctioned off to both new and old club members only. The Gecko (with a pipe) is on our logo.

        The show got off to a good start with many vendors and exhibitors. Through out the day  prizes were raffled off which were generously donated by the vendors and a big thank you to them for being so generous.  At the end of the day  the OPPC Gecko Pipe was raffled along with a Pipes and Tobacco Magizine Pipe of the Year.  A special thanks to Walt Cannoy who spent some hours carving a block of briar which turned out so beautifully and to Dayton Matlick for the Beautiful P&T 2001 pipe.  Now the pictures...

Dean Lafery of Trendsetters which is the area representative for CAO,Savinelli and a few other companies with his great display of Savinellis, and Meerschaums.

Carl Curtis of Smokers Haven in Tucson and Andy area representative of Stokkeby Tobacco, Peter showed up later but it looks like we missed getting a picture of him (Sorry Peter).  Carl is a great supporter of our club and we were happy to see him there representing Tucson.


Jim Seman and his wife. Jim is a pipe carver from Ohio and was selling many briar related items of his own creation.   Ever own a pair of briar earrings or a briar inlaid pen?  Jim has them.  BTW Jim it father in law to Tim West and had a few of Tims pipes there besides his own which he had some fantastic ones.

Ken Jacobson had a display of Kaywoodies which were all for sale.  He also had some interesting miniature Kaywoodies there. One item was a 19th century Meerschaum, with very intricate and detailed carvings of Nymphs and Satyrs. It was beautiful, and we can say that the nymphs and satyrs were anatomically correct, such was the detail!

Lee Von Erck.pipe carver of Minnesota. He had many of his sculptured pipes for sale.  They had gorgeous grains and were free hands. Lee is well known by briar aficionados.

Paul Buza of the Mesa, AZ Tinderbox.  He had a great selection of pipes and Paul had his own Private Label Pipes for display and sale called Bellissima pipes which are Hand made in Pessaro, Italy, by Massimo Palazzi and Andrea Pascucci.   Paul also has his own line of tobacco called Buza's Blends.

Regis McCaffery (NASPC) of Albuquerque (left foreground) had some interesting estate pipes and pipe smoking accessories for sale.

Here is some canadian (Michael Glukler) Checking out tobacco from The Village Smoke Shop in Scottsdale Az   

Rick Hopkins of Ye OldePipe and Tobacco Shoppe from Phoenix.   Rick had a nice display of Dunhills and is going to be a Dunhill PPD. Bruce Warren and Roger Price look at the variety of briars for sale.

Bear Graves of Az and John Kelly of Kansas City,MO, door prize winners. Bear won a Belissima pipe (Mesa Tinderbox) and John won a pipe stand made from Az dead and laying tree brances etc by a local carftsman (Cactus Fine Tobaccos and Spirits of Sierra Vista AZ).

Jack Tompkins, OPPC presents Mike Glukler (aka Briarblues on IRC #pipes chat channel) with his prize from the raffle drawings of a Butz Choquin Maitre pipe.

The Pipe Smoking Contest

Ken Smith, the moderator of the of the Contest.

We only had 5 contestants in the contests, and three prizes.  The prizes were donated by Club Member Ken Smith.

Contestant Bear Graves is asked to produce some smoke.


Contestants from right to left, John, Bruce in the back, and in the green shirt Greg.

Winners of the contest, Left to right, Bruce Warren with a little over an hour, Bear Graves, 2nd place, and third place went to John.

Guest Speaker


We were privleged to have Mr. Dayton Matlick, Owner and Editor in Chief of Pipes and Tobacco Magazine  give a talk on pipe collecting and his own personal experience.  He brought some of his own collection and advised on how to do your own pipe collecting.  One of the pipes he brought was valued at $9000.

Mr. Dayton Matlick.

We also had a bunch of fellows who regularly chat on mIRC channel #pipes and are ASP posters.


left to right:  Mike Glukler (Briarblues), Lee von Erck (vonerck), Jack Tompkins (BigJack),  Walt Cannoy,   Bear Graves (BearGraves), and Bruce Warren (Geologger)


Grand Prize Winners


The conclusion of the show came with the raffle of the Walt Cannoy Gecko pipe and the P&T Pipe of the Year and a A Beautiful Alberto Bonfiglioli of Italy that was specially made and stamped for the show. Here's another shot of the detail and artistry of Walt Cannoy.

And the winner is........

New member of the OPPC, Robert Vance from Temple City CA.  That's Robert on the right shaking hands with its creator, Walt Cannoy.

The P&T Pipe of the year winner Bill DeCourse and Jack.
P&T also sent Bill a Lucienne Pipe Lighter.

P&T Pipe of the year winner


This is the 3rd Show pipe that was donated by Alberto Bonfiglioli of Italy. The pipe has a nice silver band with special show stamping of "1st Old Pueblo" This pipe went to club member Garrick Whitnah of Keller, Tx. Pic of Garrick coming soon.

Winners of the Raffles

  1. Nicholas Asher T-shirt -- Greg Clemons   ---- donated by Nicholas Asher Co. Aptos CA
  2. Nicholas Asher golf Shirt -- Joe Cappel ---- donated by Nicholas Asher Co. Aptos CA
  3. Pier Luigi Pipe ---------Mike Glukler -- donated by Nicholas Asher Co. Aptos CA
  4. Nicholas Asher pipe/by DeJarnett --- Garrick Whitnah -- donated by Nicholas Asher Co. Aptos CA
  5. Pipe Croci (True)     --- Ken Smith -- donated by Mac's Pipes Albuquerque NM
  6. Peterson Aran Pipe --- Lowell Ellis  -- donated by Cactus Spirits and Fine Tobacco Sierra Vista, Az
  7. Butz-Choquin Pipe --- Robert Vance -- donated by Cactus Spirits and Fine Tobacco Sierra Vista, Az
  8. Hand carved pipe stand --- John Keely -- donated by Cactus Tobacco and Spirits of Sierra Vista, AZ
  9. Belissima Pipe --- Bear Graves -- Tinder Box Mesa Az donated by
  10. Timm Tobacco --- Robert Vance -- donated by The PipeSmoke Ring
  11. Meerschaum carved pipe --- John Keely -- donated by Dean Laffey of Trendsetters
  12. Savinelli pipe --- Bob Welch -- donated by Dean Laffey of Trendsetters
  13. Dunhill Pouch --- Carl Armstrong -- donated by Anthony's Cigar Emporium, Tucson Az
  14. Pipa Croci pipestand --- Walt Cannoy --- donated by Anthony's Cigar Emporium, Tucson Az
  15. Subscriptions (1 year) to Pipe Friendly Magazine
  16. Bruce Warren and Rich Colagross -- donated by Pipe Friendly Mag
  17. Stokkeby Tote bags with 3 tins of Stokkeby tobaccos----
  18. Jack Tompkins, Bruce Warren, Robert Vance and Rich Colagross
    donated by Stokkeby Tobaccos
  19. Stanwell pipe --- Suzi Blanton --donated by Yea Old Pipe and Tobacco Shoppe Phoenix Az
  20. Butz-Chacon maitre pipe --- Mike Glukler -- donated by OPPC.
  21. Seman hand carved pipe and Briar Cactus Earrings --- Lee von Erck -- donated by Jim Seman.
        We all had a wonderful time and hope the vendors and exhibitors will be back for the next show.  If you can't wait, just check out the Old Pueblo Pipe Club and join us at our smoke filled meetings.