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In Aug/Sept 1998 I went back to Columbus, Oh to visit some family and friends and while I was there I was able to attend NASPC Show and Swap for 1998 and make a visit to S&R Pipes and Pleasures.

I contacted a fellow #piper eepe that is now living in the area and that I had only met on the #pipes chat until the NASPC show. I also met several other #pipers in person for the 1st time. We made arrangements to meet at S&R after he got off work.

My wife Mary Anne and I headed out and picked up some coffee for everyone on the way. We were greeted by the Store Manager Ron and Roswitha came out and brought out some high stools for everyone to sit on. It had been over 10 years since I saw her last so I don't think she remembered me but she was her normal hospitable self. She showed us their new additions of both pipes and tobacco. eepe showed up shortly after we got there and we all have a Very Pleasant evening chatting and sampling a lot of different blends. S&R usually has about every one of the tobaccos that they carry open for sampling. While I was there I purchased seveal samples of bulk blends that they carry and one of them is McClellands 2015, which is a virginia perique blend and has been in my stock every since. Oh I love that stuff!!!

The Sign Says it!!!
4244 E. Main St
Columbus, Oh 43213
Roswitha showing us some of their pipes.
Here is some of their BIG Tobacco Selection.
And for you Latakia Lovers try S&R's Old English Blend.
And if you want a spicy virginia blend try the McClellands 2015.
Store Manager Ron
eepe from #pipes.