Old Pueblo Pipe Club Newsletter 2002-01

Editors Note

We are back in print again. Hopefully we have our copy issues worked out and can again make the Newsletter a regular publication.

We were a sorry to hear that Smokers Haven in Tucson has closed its doors. Smokers Haven was a regular stopping place for quiet a few of us for many years.

On the other side of this our friend Tim from Smokers Haven has gone to work at Anthony's Cigar Emporium at 7866 N. Oracle Rd. in Tucson and he said one of the his duties is to increase the pipe and tobacco part of the store, so it looks like we will have another source there.

With this issue we have a new contributor of articles. Club member Regis McCaffery (bio later) has given me some articles that I can use that have been previously published in the NASPC Pipe Collector, these should be of interest to pipe smokers in this area that are not members of NASPC.

Thanks Jack

Club Pipe Show

Everything is going great for our 2nd pipe show. Last years was a big success and as things are building this year will be too. Peter Stokkebye of Stokkeybe Tobaccos will be our guest speaker. We will be having a Saturday night buffet dinner which Peter will be the speaker.

Here are some of exhibitors:

Horace DeJarnett - Carver from AZ

Walt Cannoy - Carver from Fl

Trendsetters Marketing representing CAO, Savinelli, Pipa Croci

The Village Tobacco Shop, Scottsdale AZ.

Yea Olde Pipe and Tobacco Shop from Phoenix AZ

Stokkeybe Tobaccos - Peter Stokkeybe will be there for his company.

Jim Seaman - Carver from OH

Lowell Ellis of CA

Liberty Pipe Shop of San Diego, CA

Scott Sherwood of Reno, NV

Bob Clair of ebriar.com

BriarBlues from Canada

Tinderbox International of Mesa, AZ

Mike Edborg, Tom Joworski of CA

Smokingpipes.com and bacartpipes.com

Santa Fe Cigar & Pipe Co, Santa Fe, NM

Exibitors please note we are in need of door prizes.

We will be having a hospitality party Fri. evening....besure to attend this fun event and have the chance to chat with fellow pipe smokers.

See a copy of the flyer for more information.

Pipe Care Tip

Member News

My Collection Theme
Or... Fred Hanna May Be Right By Regis McCaffery

A couple of months ago, after some soul searching and a close inspection of my small pipe collection, I decided it was high time that I establish some plan or direction in what I collected. After all, Bill Unger has his CustomBilts and John Tolle his GBD's

This urge of mine seems to occur with some regularity within weeks after I attend a pipe show, and my most recent one was the NASPC show last August. Those of you who have a theme to the core of your collection know what I'm talking about. When you display your pipes in a rack or box or on a table, it's a theme that becomes apparent. You may have a variety of pipes in your collection but it quickly becomes obvious, even to a casual observer, that the core is composed of Petersons, or Dunhills, or Castellos, or Canadians, or Magnums, or Lovats Well, you get the picture. There's an obvious common thread that runs through the body of your collection that ties it all together. Then I look at mine

Eclectic would be an understatement. I have two Ashtons, two Dunhills, two Castellos, four Petersons, two Ser Jacopos, two Upshalls, a Ferndown, two Winslows
and about 25 others with hardly any three of the same shape and/or finish. About half are bent, and half straight, with a mix of billiard, bulldog, lovat, and whatever. If "no theme" is a theme, I certainly have a classic example.

I proceeded to lay all these pipes out on card table, and over a period of several days, made a few attempts to cut out this group or that, in an effort to establish a theme to move forward with. I was miserably unsuccessful and the reason was quite simple: I already had a theme. All of the pipes I had were great smoking pipes! I didn't want to give any of them up to shift half or more to Canadians, or bent Rhodesians, or Dunhills, or Danish.

So I've decided that from now on, when someone asks what I collect, I'll say, "Great smoking pipes," and leave it at that. There is a downside to this approach, however, which may leave the wrong impression. When a novice collector in search of advice asks me (A 41 year pipe smoker and 30 year collector) about a particular brand such as Dunhill and I respond with, "Well, I only have two of them…"

Regis McCafferty

Published in the NASPC Pipe Collector 2001 Be sure to check the Clubs web page for information on the club activities and the schedule of meetings. Also be sure to check the link for updates of our up coming pipe show.

Remember Ladies are always welcome.

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