The Quarterly Meeting was held at the Cactus Spirits and Fine Tobacco in Sierra Vista, AZ
June 25th 2000, from 2 to 4 PM.


    Our hosts were John Shipman and Jack Tompkins.  A buffet was served of submarine sandwiches, coffee, cappuccino and soft drinks supplied by the owner Al Chavez. Thanks to Al, John and Jack for entertaining us in a quite a royal manner:

John Shipman, assistant manager and host.

    The Cactus Spirits not only maintains a wide variety of liquors, wines and beers but also has a large selection of cigars in a walk in humidor and a pipe section where the Briar aficionado can find pipes and tobacco.  The pipe section is managed by our own Jack Tompkins.  They also have a  small but elegant Victorian style smoking lounge where patrons can relax with a cigar or pipe.


Pictured in the lounge are(left to right ) Horace, Roger, and President of the OPPC, Ray.


Old Business:

President Ray reminded us of the reservations made at the Best Western Hotel for the 2001 Pipe Show and the possibility of renting another room perhaps for overflow vendors and to conduct the Pipe Smoking contest.  Lucy or Helen are the contacts at the Best Western for arrangements.  Also contact has been made with some Air Purification companies to have their products demonstrated at the show and to help clean the air of the exhibit rooms.... but then who doesn't appreciate the aroma of fine pipe tobacco?

New Business:

Ray presented us with an offer from Richard C. Hacker of the English edition of his "The Ultimate Pipe  Book" for $30 including shipping,. It contains more color photos.    Ray is also donating an oak pipe rack which is REALLY ugly for members to bid on and then donate back for another auction a year later to raise funds for the treasury.  We will get this auction started at a later  quarterly meeting.

Jack reminded us of an upcoming visit by Pipa Croci, manufacturers of Pipa  Croci, Italy to 2 Phoenix area stores and asked if anyone would care to ride along to visit these stores and look over the selection of pipes.  They will be in Phoenix's Ye  Olde Pipe and Tobacco Shoppe on July 28th and Mesa's  Tinderbox on July 29th.

Horace Dejarnett, one of Arizona's own pipe carvers stated he is still amazed that the Phoenix area still does not have a Pipe club.  So Horace comes down here to Tucson and Sierra Vista to bond with his Briar Brothers.  Their loss is our gain.  Horace has again offered to generously donate another pipe to the show as a door prize or auction item.

Vice President Carl brought up the problem of increasing local membership in the OPPC and how we should go about it.  He suggested inserting a flyer from the club in the bags of all pipe and pipe tobacco products bought at local stores in Tucson and Sierra Vista so the word would get out.  Printing of these flyers was discussed.  The shops participating would get a free advertisement on each flyer.

       And now for the inevitable pictures of the smoking geckos of the OPPC:

Bill and VP Carl

Ken, Horace and Jack

Jack at the Pipe Counter of Cactus Spirits and Fine Tobacco.

Selections of fine Peterson and Savenilli pipes at Cactus Spirits. You can also order others from them through Jack.


Shel and Bob solving the problems of the Monica Lewinsky affair.

And in honor of his most recent birthday and eligibility for senior discounts and membership in the American Association for Retired Persons...


Still young at heart and puffing away at 50!!!
(also your humble photographer for these events)