The meeting was called to order at 7pm at the Tinder Box by Jack, Bob was unable to attend and asked Jack to run it.
Members present were Jack, Billy, Jeff, David, Bernie, Will, and Ken.
Billy reported there was $2000 in the treasury and the last contact that he had with the Meer carver in Turkey was when the carver asked us to Western Union the money for the last order to him.  Billy told him that was just too expensive that we needed to go another way to pay and Billy hasn't heard anymore from him.
Discussion went on to the Christmas party which didn't get arranged.  Jeff volunteered to take care of scheduling one at Cow Town that we have used the last few years.  We are planning on having it in Jan.  It wasn't mentioned at the meeting about a gift exchange but we usually have a $10 one.  With each person wanting to get in on it to bring a "same sex" gift.  Spouses/Companions are welcome.  Unless I hear other wise I think we should continue to do it this way.
Discussion went on about Bobs wife Joan being under cancer treatment.  It was decided that the club would get some flowers for her and Ken will take care of it.
A reply and greeting was given to the club from Nick who is in Iraq by Jack.  He thanked us for the Club Meer pipe that the Club purchased for him and sent to him.  He wished everyone Happy Holidays.
Will mentioned that Greg Clemons was in the shop and the he is on terminal leave from the Marines.  He will be living in Tucson.
Jack brought up about seeing if Greg would be willing to make a club pipe for us this year.  All were in favor of it.
There was some discussion again about trying to make a trip to Phoenix and visit some of the shops there.  Hopefully we can do it this year.
There was also some discussion about member Horace DeJarnett, Phoenix carver trying to get a pipe show together in Phoenix.  We will have to get more information on it.
Jack mentioned about a briar brother John Sieler, aka pipester writing Pipe-Smoking stories in the Future Universe.  He has them on his web page and they are in PDF format and are free.  The stories are down towards the bottom of his 1st page.  The link is:
The meeting was adjourned to enjoy some 1993 vintage Cyprian Star (PCCA) that Jack had brought in to share.
Happy Holidays

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