Minutes of the September-October 2003 Meetings.
The meetings of the OPPC were held at the Tinder Box   in William Plaza in Tucson at 7 PM.
The major part of discussions were about a Pipe Show to be held in Phoenix and coordination between CAPE (  Central Arizona Pipe Enclave) and the LA Club.  As of October no news has been heard from CAPE on when and where they want to have a pipe show. Due to a small turn out, the OPPC is unable to hold a Pipe Show in Tucson next year. The main reason is that when the larger vendors come, they hope to make some profit to at least cover their expenses.  Some individual carvers, have, however,  have sold most of their stocks and did well.
Billy Baliff, who in October survived his first parachute jump, exhibited some ideas for club shirts.  In October, he wore one of them to the meeting, and orders were made for shirts.   The shirts are a polo style, with  or without pockets and your name can be embroidered above the Club logo.  See example below. They come in just a few colors .
Pricing is as follows:
Solid Color:           Style 2701 (with out pocket) $16.56    Style 2702 (with pocket) $16.72
Striped (Pictured) Style 2576 (with out pocket) $17.63     Style 2577 (With pocket, pictured) $18.03
Adding Name over logo $2.00
Note the solid color shirt looks much the same and the pictured shirt except for the striped banding on the collar and sleaves.
Members who wish to order a shirt should contact Billy Baliff at  syibb@direcway.com .
Non-members who wish to purchase a shirt, the cost is $25.00  Plus shipping.   Billy or Carl, who works at Tinder Box will be glad to take orders. All payments should be made to Billy, who was kind enough to undertake this enterprise.  He did all the leg work to find a shirt maker.
Shel, Secretary- treasurer announced he would be hanging up his duties as Secretary-Treasurer in February 2004.   Members who wish to run in a club election for this position, should contact a club member or Jack Tompkins.    Shel recommended that they divide the position into two,  a Secretary and a Treasurer. Shel will be available to help the new officer(s) with the transition with suggestions.  He will also continue to be the unofficial OPPC photographer as necessary.  The club will have full election of officers at this time.
The Annual Hanukah-Christmas party for the OPPC will be held at the Cattletown Restaurant on Sunday December 14th, at 4 PM. The same place we had it last year with the same menu. The only change is the dessert, it will be Strawberry Cheesecake.  Choice of entrees will be, Baby Back Ribs, a whole Breast of Chicken and Steak.  Spouses and significant others will be asked to bring a gift $10 or under.. Each person attending should bring a gift appropriate for his sex, Gentlemen for guys and Ladies for gals.  The cost of the dinner will be paid by the club both for the member and his significant other.  The Bar is self serve unless we members vote on whether we should pay for at least one drink for each person attending.  We will need to know the members attending and their choice of entrees by December 10 th so we can let the restaurant know.