The Old Pueblo Pipe Club held its September Meeting on September 18, 2002 at 7 PM at Anthony's Cigar  Emporium at the Crossroads Festival Shopping Center.  Jack, Mary Ann, Bill, Karen, Horace, Shel, Ken, Bob and Wil were present.
        We discussed the upcoming Cookout, where the vittles will be paid for by the club Treasury.  And because of the success of the June Pipe Show, we are treating ourselves to steaks.  Ken and his wife Debby have volunteered their back porch, barbecue and time for the cook out.
Jack has some copies of Peter Stokkebye's Biography, "STOKKEBYE- The Life and Good Times of a Tobacco Man" for sale.  Be quick, they're going fast!! Contact Jack at AzBigJackT@yahoo.com.  There are only 2 left at $20 each plus shipping if you need them shipped to you. Oh yes and they are autographed.
        Now the ever resourceful Jack Tompkins has found a way to color his Meerschaum pipes.  It is a sepearate bowl that is inserted in the pipe bowl. It is by Butera and is called a Coloring Bowl. The idea is the meerschaum colors better staying cool keeping the bees wax on it that is used to seal meerschaum pipes. He is smoking it in his new Gulel Pipe.
Nothing much else to report except Horace Dejarnett, our own Arizona Pipe carver has purchased some Spanish Briar and is making pipes with it.  The grain in the bowls is beautiful, mostly straight grain!!! He has carved some pipes and we hope to have some shots of the pipes in the next month's minutes.
Now for some pictures of our Briar Groupies...Bill and Horace. We missed getting a picture of our new member Wil some of our pictures didn't turn out for some reason.