August 2003  Minutes
The August meeting of the OPPC was held August 20th at 7 PM  in The Tinderbox  at Williams Plaza. Ken, Roger, Betty, Bernie, Billy B., Bob, Shel, and Carl, our Host were in attendance.
Shel mentioned that we earned $250 from the "Pipe Grab Bag" at the June Show from estate pipes donated by Billy Bailey.  Members should think of one or two local charities in Pima or Cochise counties to whom we can donate the proceeds.
The next discussion concerned the next Pipe  Show. Members agreed that the show could be held in Phoenix and working with the two other clubs was fine (Phoenix and LA).  The major questions were WHERE and WHEN.  Months were suggested that would not conflict with other shows in major cities around the country.  March was suggested, as was April and October, though there seems to be other shows occurring those latter months.  WHERE was the big topic.  Ken said they were not sure about the Shriners auditorium due to smoking laws and the Shriners' rules about use of the auditorium.  Hotels were suggested, and one of the reasons given was that the spouses of vendors and visitors would be able to perhaps plan outside activities. Also, Hotels can be flexible about smoking rules. Of course, room rates would be higher than summer.  Also a coordinator from OPPC would have to be chosen to participate with the other clubs in planning the show.
Now the featured member of the club in...
Carl was born in Kansas in 1949 and his family moved to Tucson in January 1957. He graduated from Rincon High School in 1968 and went to work as a Motorcycle repair technician at  Suzuki Motorcycles. He moved to Yuma in 1969 and worked for the city of Yuma Parks and Recreation and the Yuma Unified School District. In 1972, he moved back to Tucson and worked for Levy's Department Store and then for Tucson Unified School district. In 1978 he moved to Flagstaff and finally in 1989 moved back to Tucson.
He then worked the big Caterpillars for a construction company as a Heavy Equipment Operator and after retirement in 2000, now works at The Tinderbox.
Carl started smoking a pipe when he was 20 and his favorite tobacco is any English Blend. He has a collection of over 130 pipes, including a large collection of Meerschaum pipes.  His favorite shape :  the Bent! He is a past President of The Old Pueblo Pipe Club and a member since its inception.
Carl not only collects pipes, he collects Farm tractors, miniature ones that is!  The best quality are the ones from the Franklin Mint and Erdle high quality miniatures.
If you need advice on a tobacco, pipe, or want to start smoking a pipe...see Carl at The Tinderbox.
NOTE:   A very big THANKS to Mark Shelor, who was in charge of the publicity for the June 2003 show. Another note of thanks to Carl, Roger, Ken, Suzi, Jack and Mary Ann, Billy B. and Bob for sitting in and watching the OPPC table at the show.