from  JUNE and JULY 2002
We gathered at Anthony's Cigar Emporium on June 19th at 7 PM.  Our host was Rich. The mood was one of anticipation as the OPPC Pipe Show was this coming weekend, June 22nd. Ken had made arrangements for the caterer and everything was set.  We spent the rest of the evening just chatting and worrying about the impact of all those hundreds of pipes would make on our credit cards and wallets.  No business was discussed outside of the dinner.  Now a few pictures:
Rich, our Host at ANTHONY'S
Left to right: Jack, Ken and Rich T.
                                                                            Carl and Bob
Bob and Shel
Suzi, Jack , Mary Ann, Carl, Horace, Roger, Betty, Bill, Karen, Shel, Bob, and Ken all met at The Tinderbox in Williams Plaza at 7PM on July 17th. Shel announced that our current Club Treasury held $2346.64.  About $800-900 was made on the show.  Also, a new member joined us, Sheldon King from Sonoita.  Welcome Sheldon...yes there are two Sheldons in Southern Arizona who smoke pipes!.
Special thanks go out to Ken and Deb Smith, who worked hard on getting the caterer. due to a mistake on the caterer's part, the dinner was served late.  But fun was had by all at the show and are our bank accounts are screaming...along with our significant others....
Jack mentioned the sales weren't as good as last year for the vendors but they all enjoyed themselves and said they would come back.  Thanks to all the generous vendors who donated raffle prizes!!!!
Jack also suggested we have a special pipe raffle for the members based on attendance at the meetings. A ticket would be given to each member every time they attend a meeting. The tickets will not be sold.  We all agreed to this but not as to the details.
Jack was also full of ideas tonight.  He suggested that we get a carver to make a club pipe with our logo if possible.  Each pipe might cost $60-70.  Horace Dejarnett was suggested as the Carver, and he said he would make an attempt.  The Pipes would probably be standard Billiard or Pot shape with the Club logo engraved in the bowl. 
We agreed to have show next year but with some changes.  There would be a chance for those attending the Friday Hospitality night to view and purchase the Vendors' pipe and accessories after the Hospitality night ended.  We would go around to each Vendors rooms, perhaps 3 at a time would be open, and it would also give each Vendor a chance to schmooze and see each others items.
We also discussed a charitable contribution sometime this Fall. Shel suggested we wait for the Combined Federal Campaign booklet to come out in November. It contains the per cent amount for administrative costs for each charity and we could choose the best one from that.   Ken emphasized we should give to a local charity.
Our September Barbecue is scheduled right now for September 22nd at Ken's house.  What to serve needs to be discussed.
Jack will also look into our Christmas-Hanukah Dinner restaurant. Someone suggested Tim McGraws as long as they have smoking facilities.
Now for the pictures of the July meeting: