The monthly meeting of the OPPC was held May 21st at 7 PM at THE TINDERBOX in Williams Plaza. Wil, Roger and Betty, Jack and Mary Ann, Shel, Carl, Bernie, Billy B., Bob and Ken were in attendance.
18 tables are sold as of this date and Lowell Ellis will be having his usual 300+ Estate pipes in his suites.  Regis McCaffrey will be there along with John Tole from NASCP.
Walt Cannoy sends his  thanks for our club's donation to his recovery fund.  Walt is doing much better and is back on the road to recovery.
Billy Bailiff has donated a large amount of Estate pipes he acquired. They will be used for our "Pipe Grab Bag" (they have not been refurbished) at $5 a grab. This money will go to a yet undecided charity.
The cost of the "After-Show" dinner is $15. We have to let the Best Western know about how many are coming so they can tell the caterer.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Members Corner ~~~~~~~~~~~
Biographies of our members
 Ken was born in Marlborough MA and grew up in Westborough MA. He graduated form High School in 1968 and then served in the Army for 3 years in Korea. Ken is Civil Service working with the Army Testing and Evaluation.  He has 3 years until retirement.
He married Debby in 1975 and has been in Tucson since 1976.
Ken started smoking when he was 13  and his current favorite tobacco is Tinderbox's Midnight. His favorite style of pipe is the Bent, sometimes conventional and sometimes freehand. Ken owns about 70 pipes, a lot of meerschaums and some collectors' items. Ken is also a past president of the OPPC.

Ken also likes to do woodworking and collect musical figurines.
He has been a Master Mason since 1974 and is active in the Masonic Fraternity.  Both he and Debby are active in the Lodge.