April - May 2002
        April 2002.  We met at the TINDERBOX  AT  Williams Plaza at 7PM. Bob, Mark, Ken, Bill, Roger, Shel were present. Carl, our acting president was doing Jury Duty.
        Ken suggested a menu from Pappy's, a local caterer, and Jack mentioned we received lots of orders for tables. Next month we should have a listing of exhibitors and vendors.  Shel has paid the  rental fee for the conference room at the Best Western on North Oracle for the show, which will also be used for the dinner that night.  The show is from 9 AM to 5 PM and the dinner is from 7 PM to  9 PM with Peter Stokkeby as our guest speaker.  the cost of the dinner will be $15 per person.
        Jack said the Newsletter should be out by next month.  If you missed it, a copy will be posted on our Web Page, courtesy of Jack.
        The discussion then moved to how much Latakia should be in a blend and whether Latakia is the pipe tobacco of the gods.  Guess official business is over....
        And now for some Pictures:
Left to right: Ken, Horace, and behind Horace, Carl
Left to right: Jack, Ken and Horace
Left to right: Roger and Rich Tuten
May 2002.
The meeting was held at Anthony's Cigar Emporium at 7 PM. 
First of all,   Vielen Dank ( much thanks) to Mr. Karl-Heinz Krebs of Germany for sending our club 3 tins of MacBarens tobacco to enjoy. Karl-Heinz manages the Articles page of the excellent de.alt.fan.tabak website(http://www.daft.de), the premier online resource of the German-speaking pipe smoking community.  We hope he visits Arizona in the very near future.
Second, a list of all the exhibitors and vendors  who have bought tables at our June 2002 show.
  1. HORACE DEJARNETT            -   Dejarnett Pipes.  Mr. Dejarnett is an American carver
  2. WALT CANNOY                       -   Walt Cannoy Pipes.  Mr. Cannoy is from Florida
  3. TRENDSETTERS MARKETING-   CAO, Savinelli, and Pipa Croci
  4. THE VILLAGE  TOBACCO SHOP -  Scottsdale , Arizona
  5. STOKKEBY  TOBACCOS         -   Denmark. Peter Stokkeby will be there for his Company
  6. YE OLDE PIPE & TOBACCO SHOP  - Phoenix Arizona
  7. JIM SEAMAN                            -   An American carver from Ohio
  8. LOWELL ELLIS                          -  Estate pipes. Mr. Ellis is from California
  9. LIBERTY PIPE SHOP                - San Diego California
  10. SCOTT SHERWOOD               -  Reno, Nevada
  11. BOB CLAIR                                - eBRIAR.com
  12. MICHAEL GLUKLER                - BriarBlues of Vancouver. BC
            We would like to thank all our exhibitors for taking the time out to come and see us. The fraternity of pipe smokers in Tucson appreciate and we hope you will have a good time while in Tucson.
            Jack has completed the Newsletter. Thanks to Jack he is keeping our little newsletter alive and well.  He did find a printer in Sierra Vista which gave us a good price on printing.  And if  you out there have any articles  you might like published in the Newsletter, or any personal experiences of  "How to..." (e.g. How to clean your pipes, How to chose a pipe, or Tobacco reviews) please e-mail Jack at AzBigJackT@yahoo.com