The meeting of the OPPC was held Wednesday, April 16 at 7 PM in The Tinderbox    in Williams Plaza.
Roger, Bill Bailiff, Bernie, Carl, Ken, Shel, Suzi, Mark, with Brett and Nick as guests. Again thanks to Mark and Carl for  letting us use the Tinderbox as a meeting place and for Carl staying past closing time.
to Bernie Metsch as a new member
From President Jack Tompkins on the Pipe Show 2003:
Knoxville Cigar has reduced its number of tables to 3, making for a total of 13 tables sold.  Tyler Beard, a pipe carver from Midland Texas, has almost committed to being at the show. Let's hope he can make it.  NASCP is  donating 2 one year memberships, and one life membership for our raffles.
Ken brought up the subject of joining a national pipe club as a chapter, such as NASCP or United Pipe Clubs of America. Shel suggested the members vote, after discussion, at a later date on joining another club as a chapter.
Mark and Bill passed around some really strong tobaccos they enjoy...and are they ever!
Welcome to Nick, temporarily stationed at Fort Huachuca for training, and Brett, who has returned from Michigan. Brett is a former member of the Smoke Ring, the old informal pipe club which met at  THE TINDERBOX when it was located in the
El Con Mall.
~~~~~~~~~~~ Members Corner ~~~~~~~~~~~
Biographies of our members
Sheldon was born in Syracuse, NY. He graduated from High School there and attended the University of Arizona in 1968. After graduation from college, Shel did a stint in the US Air Force and then returned to school at the U of Arizona receiving a degree in Medical Technology.  He now works in the Lab at the Veterans Administration Hospital here in Tucson.  Less than 3 years until retirement!
Shel's interests ( besides collecting pipes ), include  reading history, Stephen King novels, and fishing (very amateur fishing) and riding his bicycle and swimming.

And now for some pictures of guys and gals at the meeting...
Bill B., Mark and Nick from Ft. Huachuca.
Bill B., Roger and Bernie, our new member.
Brett and Carl (our host)
Jack, Nick and Ken
and Carl
Nick and Horace
Hope to see you all at the next meeting, May  21st.