Old Pueblo Pipe Club
Minutes for March & April 2004
At our March meeting, our new Pres. Bob Welch, gave a very interesting talk on the difference between mixing and blending tobacco.  He also suggested that we try making some blends of our own.
Our first order of business at the April meeting was to be informed that we must treat Shel with proper respect, it being National Lab Technicians Week.  Needless to say, he was given proper treatment.
A motion was made by Jack and passed by the members for the club to purchase one of the club pipes for Nick who is serving our country in Iraq.  The next problem is to find out where he is at.  The last I heard he was shuffling back and forth between Germany and Iraq.
Speaking of the club pipes,  I received word from Yahim that they are being carved but still no delivery date.
Shel was appointed by the pres. to head a committee and make arrangements for a club picnic.  Someone said that he volunteered but I could have sworn I heard a train whistle.
Dues reminder:  Anyone who has not paid their 2004 dues, please send your check in the amount of $15.00 payable to me.  Send to; Billy Bailiff, 11900 N Reed Rd., Florence, AZ. 85232.
We were visited by two reporter/photographers from the Tucson Star.  They interviewed and photographed some of the members and published a nice article in the paper.  If I can figure out how to do it, I will include that article at the end of the minutes.
But, first, some pictures.
Our new President, Bob Welch.  Ahh, such contentment. 
Your new Secretary, Billy Bailiff, showing off his brand new Bjarne "a" grade.
Bernie Metsch gave the reporters a lesson in fire starting.
I was unable to insert the newspaper article, Hopefully, Jack will be able to do it for me.  (Note unable to do so due to copyright...Jack)
Respectfully submitted
Billy Lee Bailiff, Secretary