Minutes of January 2004 
The January 2004 Meeting was held at  TINDER BOX  in Williams Plaza on January  21st at  7  PM.  All the usual members were present except President Jack  and Mary Ann,who were in Texas.
The main business of the meeting was about the OPPC pipe.   Billy  Bailiff took the trouble to research this and found a pipemaker in Turkey to carve a Meerschaum pipe with the club logo on it.  He brought it to the meeting and many members were interested in purchasing one.  Billy took down names but  will not order until all members have had a chance make a decision.

Billy said the pipe would probably cost about $60-65 plus the shipping would be paid for by the club.  Any members interested should contact Billy by email or through another member if they want to purchase one.
Billy's email is :  syibb@direcway.com

  Here are pictures of the pipe Billy received: