January 2003  minutes
       The January meeting of the OPPC met at  The Tinderbox in Williams Plaza on January 15th at 7 PM.  Suzi, Roger, Horace, Jack, Shel, Bill and Karen and Bob were present.
        We held elections and Jack Tompkins is our new president, Suzi our Vice -President and Shel remains as Secretary-Treasurer.  Suzi is our beauty among the two Beasts, so to speak.
       The Pipe show for June 2003 is moving along, we have committments for 6 tables. Best Western will arrange for us to have a catered steak Dinner Saturday night after the show. Our contacts for the  Best Western are  Mary Anne and Rebecca. Marty Pulver, who owns the Sherlock's Haven in San Francisco will be our guest speaker.

        We will be meeting at the Tinderbox until further notice.
        Time for paying our annual dues  to those who owe in January.
        The current total in the treasury is $1938.64
~~~~ Our sincere regrets, sympathy, and prayers for Ken and Deb Smith on the loss of Deb's Dad this past week.~~~~~~