I had a great time at Michigan International Speedway (MIS) on 10/10/2002  I could get use to this. My fastest lap was 152.41 mph.

The day started off foggy. When we got to the race track you could not even see the gate from the road it was so foggy.  By the time we all got checked in the fog was starting to left. When we where out on the track in the van for the instructions you could only see about 50 ft in front of you. Not to worry you could see where they wanted you at specific points on the track. By the time they had the cars ready to go the fog had lifted and it turn into a nice morning. I drove the #43 Cheerio's Car this year
On my first 10 laps I was comfortable in the car by the third lap. After Kentucky last year I was not comfortable until the last three laps and it was still a little scary.  Although a little scary is a good thing. I was afraid it still might be too scary and I would not want to do the 30 laps. Anyway by the third lap it was really starting to be a lot of fun and I was ready to go racing. When we came back in the instructor said my driving line was good I just needed to get closer to the instructor car in order to go faster. Remember I said last year you can not see the front of the car out of the windshield at all just the race track. And they want you 3 to 5 car lengths behind the instructor car. The instructor told me to drive up behind him until I got a wave off, that's where he wanted me. Boy I thought I was 3 to 5 car lengths behind.
The next 10 laps was even more fun. I drove up behind the instructors car until I got the wave off. And boy was I surprised it looked like I was right on his bumper.  But it was 3 to 5 car lengths, from the bottom of my windshield to the bottom of his bumper it was 2 inches.  I got comfortable driving there and we went faster. I did pass another set of cars on the track this time.
They have a driver meeting between each set of laps and tell everyone what they did wrong, if anything what they did good, and what you need to do to go faster. This time they said we were going to go faster, stay relaxed, don't get a death grip on the wheel, and have fun.
Last 10 laps I was right behind the instructor's car leaving pit road and up to speed when to got on the track. The car really felt good. The cars don't start working right until you get it up to around 140.  They where set up to do around 185.  They will not let you go that fast, DARN  I could have gone faster if the instructor would not have held me up.  (LOL) Seemed like I was having to slow up before I got to the turn, oh well next year.  Not sure there will be a next year. Kathy's getting a new kitchen.