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This page is for the regular players of EzWin Bingo on www.pogo.com. Some of us are becoming good friends and would like to share our pictures.

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Nick: Jean7219
City, State: Bassett Va
Hobbies: This picture was taken with her husband
Nick: Splitalley6
City, State: Lake Odessa, Mich
Hobbies: Bowling--Traveling to bowl in National Bowling Tournaments all over the USA. Get to see the whole country that way.
Nick: feath
Location: Llantwit Major in South Wales UK
Hobbies: Love crafts and cooking. Crochet, patchwork, needlework, knitting, tatting, cane work and when I was able I used to do a lot of gardening. Now I can only take pleasure in it. Picture with husband Pete.
Nick: KK
City, State: Baton Rouge, LA
Hobbies: Gardening and playing with his new digital camera he got for Christmas. And of course his dog Sherri who has only bit him 4 times.
Nick: Special5mm
City, State: Pottstown, PA
Hobbies: Bowling, ceramics, and collecting teapots and bells. Also love dancing, playing bingo in PJ, and making new friends. The picture is with her son
Nick: grammlang
Location: Essex, Ontario
Hobbies: Read, cross stitch, knit, collect beanies, and bowl retired picture framer.
Nick: Him - poppobear_961, Her - moebear633
City, State: Cohoes, New York
Hobbies: Him - Golf,Volunteering at VA Hospital and fire Company, Many service organizations.
Her - crafts, cooking, Teddy Bear Collector (over 1,200 teddy bears), service organizations, ie, VFW Auxiliary, Fire Company Auxiliary,Eastern Star
City, State: Plymouth, MA
Hobbies: We love birdwatching and grandchildren, but Bingo Rocks!!! (It's better than housework) We have been meeting lots of new friends on chat. I enjoy the wild things in our back yard. My wife enjoys crafts of all kinds. We've both lost some weight since this picture and we're much smarter and much younger now too!!
Nick: Hoosier
City, State: Wimberley, TX
Hobbies: This is a picture of the twins I have been bragging about in the bingo room. We are so proud of them! They have come a long way since they were born on January 2, 2003. Chris is in my left arm he weighed 4lbs 1.8 oz and was 15 1/2 inches long,,,he has reddish blonde hair and think he will have blue eyes,,,,
Alexis is in my right arm and weighed 3lbs 3.2 oz and was 15 inches long, she has dark brown hair with red highlights and pretty sure her eyes will be brown.
Location: Hagersville, Ontario, Canada
Hobbies: Bingo and enjoying my grandsons -- husband Charlie and grandsons Owen and Brady are in the picture.
Nick: Ladymable1
City, State: Kregesville, PA
Hobbies: Love travelling; meeting new people, playing bingo in Petticoat Junction; and flowers. Love going to church and try to live by the Good Book. I am a retired LPN. While attending a family reunion in North Carolina in 2004, dropped by ole Reboots-NC's home to meet her and her husband. Picture was taken at her computer. 5 Jan 2005
Nick: WVLdy4
City, State: Oceana, WV
Hobbies: Working crossword puzzles and playing bingo with all the nice people I have met in Petticoat Junction.
Picture is with son Chris the day he left for the Air Force
Nick: Rubye
City, State: Creswell, Oregon
Hobbies: Gardening, fishing, hunting, family and grandchildren, Bingo in PJ room.
Picture is with grandson Dylan.
City, State: Gastonia, NC
Hobbies: Reading, crocheting, sewing, and cross stitch. Love to do crafts of all types. Camping at our campsite in the NC mountains. And, of course, playing bingo in Petticoat Junction.
Nick: BTBritton1
City, State: Bayville, NJ
Hobbies: Quilting, gardening, listening to Eddie Arnold, and cross stitch. And, of course, playing bingo and meeting with my friends in Petticoat Junction. Picture is with my husband Bob -- love of my life. We have been married for 50 years.
Updated: 06/02/03
City, State: Mississippi
Hobbies: Their Hobbies Are Going To Casinos, Traveling, Camping, Gardening, Computer Games, playing Boray(card Game Like Poker) Ez Win Bingo, And Horses. 06/07/03
Nick: star18603(Louis) and deb18631 (deb)
City, State: Pennsylvania
Hobbies: Pictured with our baby "Ebony" (black lab) and our other baby "Angel". They love gardening and are now in the process of landscaping the surroundings of our new home. We enjoy camping. And Louis is looking forward to seeing the ocean again ,since his time in Vietnam. Deb enjoys cooking and so she will sometime send the site some of her favorite receipts.
Looking forward to them Deb (Jack)06/07/03
Nick: sew19304
City, State: Keene, NH
Hobbies: Playing POGO games, especially bingo in Petticoat Junction; chatting with old and new cyberfriends; enjoying my grandchildren; and, collecting lighthouses. Picture is with husband Scott.
Nick: jesse2us2000
City, State: Watchula, Fl
Hobbies: Playing Bingo and Fishing
Nick: PatSprackling
City, State: Kent, ENGLAND
Hobbies: Gardening, reading, eating out, days out, POGO Bingo (always in Petticoat Junction, of course).
I am married, have one son, three gorgeous grandchildren whom I adore, and my cat Misty-- ruler of the house.
Nick: elsaddie
City, State: Pierson, FL
Hobbies: Computer, porcelain dolls, crocheting, sewing, quilting, working with photographs, and making beaded angels.
Picture taken with husband Allen on our 50th Wedding Anniversary, August 9, 2002
Nick: RoboUmpBLT
City, State: Lakeland, FL
Hobbies: Officiating High School Football & Basketball. Umpiring BabeRuth & National Softball Assoc Fast Pitch Softball(Girls). Fishing and playing Bingo at PJ.
Nick: TJoystick (on the right)
City, State: Bolton, Manchester, England
Hobbies: Computer, Knitting, Socializing, Puzzles and Crosswords
Nick: bgldy5 (on Right)
City, State: Grove City, Ohio
Hobbies: Sports of all kinds, playing bingo in Petticoat Junction, and talking with friends. Lady on left is WEST, whose picture is also on Page 4.

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