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This page is for the regular players of EzWin Bingo on www.pogo.com. Some of us are becoming good friends and would like to share our pictures.

How about sharing your favorite recipe? Email me yours and I will put it up here. Check recipe link by pictures.

Ladies read this warning about online preditors!!

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Nick: Him: NysFair2, Her: NysFair2
City, State: Fulton, NY
Hobbies: Fishing, camping and being Official Goodwill Ambassadors for the Great NY State Fair. This picture was taken with Gov Pataki at the 2001 N.Y.S Fair.
Favorite Poem:These Colors Don't Run
Nick: EdieSC
City, State: Charleston, SC
Hobbies: Reading,Ballroom Dancing,Raising 3 Cats, Crewel & Needlepoint, and Chatting with Friends on PJ.
Nick: Banditsmom6
City, State: Conway, Arkansas
Hobbies: Gardening, crocheting, knitting and cooking.
Nick: Jerry and Judy (WEST)
City, State: Winfield, Missouri
Hobbies: Crafts, Fishing, Bingo and of course our Family
Nick: Trish31860
City, State: PA
Hobbies: Love camping, caretaker for uncle,football fan big time, GOOOOOOO STEELERS
Nick: EweMe4
City, State: Gassville, Arkansas
Hobbies: Sewing, bowling, & reading a good book. BTW this is My sweetheart & BEST friend Jim.
Recipe #1: Apple Dolly Dumplings
Recipe #2: Pucker Pie
Recipe #3: Pasta Salad
Recipe: Funnel Cakes
Nick: Angie82471
City, State: San Diego, CA
Hobbies: Scrapbooking, cooking, being a mom. That handsome man next to me is the love of my life, Tim.
Nick: alicelouisec
City, State: Mt Plymouth, Fl
Hobbies: Crafts, bowling, swimming, husband, and cats. Loves people and life and all my friends at P.J. E-Z Bingo.
BTW she proudly says she is 72, I don't blame her do you? Jack.
In the picture L to R is Sandy Eldest Daughter, Myself(alicelouisec) and kattaallan middle daughter
New Pic 3/9/03
Nick: crzylannie
City, State: Salford, Ontario, Canada
Hobbies: Playing POGO games -- especially Petticoat Junction bingo. Love casino slots and country music. Enjoy meeting and making new friends.
Hmmm wonder what that game is she is playing Jack
Nick: Heaveyfoot22
City, State: Ogdensburg, WI
Hobbies: Meeting with friends in Petticoat Junction bingo. Enjoy making crafts and going camping. Love animals. Picture with her friend John. 12/28/04
Nick: Papaknut/Grandmaknut
City, State: Palm Coast, Fl
Hobbies: Fishing, walking on the beach, grandkids, reading, playing BINGO, chat with friends and PJ.
Nick: Beverlee
City, State: St. Joseph, Mo
Hobbies: Love to play bingo, read, crochet and knit.
Picture: Husband Gene, me Beverlee, and my Dad (big chief)
Nick: bingokid8870
City, State: Mt. Plymouth, Fl
Hobbies: Crafts, bowling, husband And Grandchildren. Loves people and life, and all my friends on P.J. Bingo.
Picture: bingokid8870, grandson Brandon and Husband Norman.
Nick: LoudYeller
City, State: West Haven, Connecticut
Hobbies: Reading, Crossword Puzzles, Bingo, Slots, that darn computer, and loving my PJ friends.
Nick: BeetleBailey515
City, State: Clayton, NC
Hobbies: Darts, Shooting pool, EZWIN Bingo & talking with friends.
Nick: Joghop/Jog/Joggee
City, State: Baltimore, MD
Hobbies: Woodworking, gardening, slots and bingo
Nick: Love2Quilt
City, State: Hobbies: My main hobby is quilting. I am very family orientated and love spending time with our 7 grandchildren!!!
Special quilt for DLTrustee....Be sure to see this....Jack
Nick: ScooterAnn47
City, State: Sutherland, NB
Hobbies: I enjoy coaching special olympics bowling and spending time with family. This picture is me on a trip to NM where my son and I competed in nationals bowling championship tournament for nebraska special olympics as unified partners.
Nick: rvrs115
City, State: Hubbard, Oh
Hobbies: Ceramics,Cooking,Bingo and going to casino's
Nick: Spitfire_49
City, State: Endicott,NY
Hobbies: Bingo,reading,and spending time with my family,my best friend in the world is my hubby.
This pic is from a trip to Lake George,NY this summer. In it are my hubby Ken,daughter Teisha,and granddaughter Amanda.
Nick: Taxoteregirl (left) mother Eeily (center)
City, State: Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, London England.
Hobbies: I have 13 grandchildren that I love very dearly. My mother and myself are fanatics for crossword puzzles, and also Pogo bingo (PJ).
Nick: Gerroc (Gary)
City, State: Freehold, NJ
Hobbies: Golf, bowling, fishing, woodcrafts and boating. He likes to be called Gary in the chat and this picture is with his 14 year old Daughter Heather.
Nick: Bleurose1944
City, State: Silver Spring, MD
Hobbies: Family, Grand kids, Great Grand kids, gambling, traveling and chatting with EZWin Bingo Friends.
Recipes: Coconut Recipes
More recipes coming!!!!
Nick: sueane50
City, State: Nashville, TN
Hobbies: Love camping and outdoors. Lived in CT most of my life. Now living in Nashville and loving it.

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