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This page is for the regular players of EzWin Bingo on www.pogo.com. Some of us are becoming good friends and would like to share our pictures.

How about sharing your favorite recipe? Email me yours and I will put it up here. Check recipe link by pictures.

Ladies read this warning about online preditors!!

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Nick: NetMom51
City, State: Ft Lauderdale, Fl
Hobbies: Raising an 11 year old granddaughter, bingo, writing a sci-fi novel and crocheting. Weird, huh? I'm eclectic, if nothing else. LOL
Nick: GamingLady
City, State: Fort Pierce, Fl
Hobbies: My hobbies include bingo and meeting new friends and have two dogs and one cat that rules my house.
Nick: kctwin
City, State: Kansas City, KS
Hobbies: kctwin is on the left and her sin-twister errr twin-sister Karol is on the right. Hobbies include: bingo, crafts and reading. Karol lives in Calif.
Nick: Blondie
City, State: Brooksville, Fl
Nick: Morgal
City, State: Spokane, Washington
Hobbies: Gardening, Fishing, Camping,Computer Bingo, Latch Hooking, Jigsaw Puzzles, Rock hounding & geode collecting.
Thanks for the flowers Jack..

Favorite Recipe #1:POTATO CASSEROLE
Favorite Recipe #2:Two Day Herb Chicken
Nick: Howeyt48
City, State: Horton, AL
Hobbies: Fishing, Bowling, Watching TV, Playing Bingo,and Playing Pinochle
Nick: Earl and LadyHawk
City, State: Lancaster, PA
Hobbies: Fishing, Bingo, (Hiding from my daughter), smoking cigarettes and chatting with friends in EZ Bingo.
Nick: elva47
City, State: Plumerville, Arkansas
Hobbies: Playing bingo, reading, and crafts.
Nick: Jelcy1987
City, State: Okc, Ok
Hobbies: Bingo, crafts, photography.
Nick: He=sgtfox3840, She=fabry1676
City, State: Biddeford, Maine
Hobbies: sgtfox3840=Racing Pigeons, Golf, Bowling, Ham Radio & Chat. fabry1676=Crafts, Bingo, Dance, Chat. We both enjoy meeting new people.
Nick: terri_68
City, State: Menifee, Arkansas
Hobbies: Playing bingo, music and movies.
Nick: PooseyCat
City, State: Apple Valley, CA
Hobbies: Crafts, crocheting, embrodidery, cooking, my bingo buddies and "Snow" ...Snow???(Jack)
Nick: neomal
City, State: Kellogg, mn
Hobbies:Camping, fishing and my 14 grands and 3 great grands.
Nick: She=lovable103 He=rrfhantom Daughter=babydoll8351, Son=No Nick yet.
City, State: Biddeford, Maine
Hobbies: we all like bowling, pigeons, and bingo. We all love to chat with people that are nice. I guess that we will meet new people playing bingo then.
Nick: She=fedupmom
City, State: Highspire, PA
Hobbies: I like to play bingo, do plastic canvas, and bake cakes.
Nick: porkchop7
City, State: Tempe, Az
Hobbies: Bingo,reading,and chatting with bingo buddies.
Hmmm wonder where this was taken. (Jack)
Nick: M2KDLD
City, State: Tullahoma, Tn
Hobbies: Her hobbies are crocheting, crafts, and bingo.
Nick: Josiewoo1
City, State: Cincinnati, Oh
Hobbies: Painting cermanics, crochting, and of course Bingo.
This is her daughter Sam with her.
Nick: Mabilly
City, State: Lorn, Austraila
Hobbies: Arts and Crafts, bingo and anything having to do with computers!!
Nick: buglet 50 or wikid1
City, State: Pekin, Illinois
Hobbies: Crafts and bingo at PJ.
City, State: West Milton, Ohio
Hobbies: Collecting anything collectable and Crocheting.
Nick: BACK ROW - Left to Right -- DollyBrooks Willow Street, PA -- BubbaBoatsandCo Lancaster, PA
FRONT ROW - Left to Right -- AKABB808 Westchester, IL -- BeckyL50 Lancaster, PA
Hobbies:Everyone here loves playing bingo and chatting with players in Petticoat Junction.
Nick: DipsyDo14
City, State: Bowie, Maryland
Hobbies: Travel, grandkids, bingo, gardening, and doll collecting (have over 100 dolls).
Nick: Bilhac_4448
City, State: Somers Point, NJ
Hobbies: Crafts, computer, and grandchildren.
Nick: ccbloom041
City, State: Wauseon, Ohio
Hobbies: Bingo, camping, spending time with grandchildren, writing poems, and cooking.

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